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Five Things to do During a Yacht Charter to Martha’s Vineyard

Get ready to set sail for the enchanting Martha’s Vineyard, a quintessential New England yachting destination where quaint charm meets nautical elegance. Located south of Cape Cod, this Massachusetts island is celebrated among the yachting community for its picturesque harbour towns, golden sandy beaches, and iconic lighthouses amidst sprawling farmlands. As a hub of artistic creativity and leisurely summer vacations, Martha’s Vineyard offers an array of cultural and historic attractions, making it a perfect all-year-round destination for charters. Planning your upcoming charter vacation to the region? Here, we outline our top five things to do during a Martha’s Vineyard yacht charter.

1. Sailing and Regattas:

If you’re planning to visit in the summer, then July is a particularly exciting time at Martha’s Vineyard, especially for sailing aficionados. The Edgartown Yacht Club Regatta transforms the island into a vibrant hub, with an array of sailing yachts gracing the sapphire waters. This event is not just a spectacular display of maritime prowess but also a celebration of the island’s deep-rooted yachting culture. Whether participating or spectating, the regatta is always a high point of the summer season. However, thanks to the island’s favourable climate and weather conditions, you can still enjoy sailing most of the year.

2. Exploring the Island’s Artistic Side:

Martha’s Vineyard and its many towns and villages are a testament to its strong artistic community. The island’s rich art scene is reflected in the diverse array of local galleries, showcasing an impressive collection of artwork and crafts. These artistic communities offer not just visual delights but also unique mementoes to remember your yacht charter. Exploring these creative spaces is a journey through the island’s cultural heart and a great way to discover more of your own artistic side.

3. Coastal Adventures in Oak Bluffs:

The coastal area of Oak Bluffs is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its stunning beaches and iconic ‘gingerbread’ houses, this area offers perfect spots for hiking, walking and sunbathing. The vibrant community here, coupled with the picturesque landscapes, makes Oak Bluffs a must-visit for those seeking both relaxation and adventure along the coast during their yacht charter.

4. Edgartown’s Historical Richness:

Edgartown is a portal to the island’s past, with its well-preserved architecture from the whaling era and grand churches. A walk through this historic town is a journey back in time, offering insights into the island’s rich maritime history. The charm of Edgartown lies in its ability to maintain its historical integrity while offering modern comforts, making it a perfect spot during your Martha’s Vineyard yacht charter.

5. Local Culinary Delights:

No visit to Martha’s Vineyard is complete without indulging in some (or a lot!) of the local seafood. The island’s vast array of restaurants, bars and taverns offer many dining options, serving everything from classic New England chowder to freshly caught seafood. Each meal here is not just a feast for the taste buds but also an embodiment of the island’s culinary traditions and a must during any yacht charter.

This New England gem offers an array of experiences that cater to every taste, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of maritime adventure, artistic exploration, and gastronomic indulgence.