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Must-Visit Locations for The Best

Los Angeles Experience!

For every artist, musician, actor, or dancer, Los Angeles is what makes up their American Dream. The city is well known for its entertainment industry, is home to Hollywood, and some of most celebrities have their permanent residencies in L.A.

In addition, L.A. is also famous because of its picturesque beaches, the fine dining and cuisine from the best chefs, and the fun and hyper nightlife.

When booking your flights to Los Angeles, you probably learned about all the famous attractions- Malibu beaches and the walk of fame. Still, there are many great locations to visit and experiences to enjoy that go beyond the surface of L.A.

Tour Of The Warner Bros Studio

If you have been a fan of the ‘90s most famous sitcom, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,” you will enjoy chilling on the rusty orange couch from Central Perk.

Perhaps you grew up watching the D.C. Universe or are impressed by the high technology of the Batmobile; the studio holds all the different versions of the Batmobile, so you notice the many changes that happened over the years.

Warner Bros Studios holds every famous article that keeps the memory alive for all the fans to enjoy. In addition, the studio tour allows the tourist to witness the hustle behind the scenes and get an insider insight into how the entertainment industry works its magic.

The tour also includes an Art Tour Of LA, where a Warner Bros artist takes you through some of the most famous murals of L.A. and its entertainment industry.

Visit Multiple Museums Along Miracle Mile

If you are an art enthusiast, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the location to visit. The grand entrance takes your breath away with the stunning illustration of “Urban Light” by Chris Burden.

Further stepping in, there is a distribution of modern contemporary art between the many impressive buildings. While the structures will leave you in awe, the art it holds is bound to take your words away.

The location of this museum is ideal since there are other museums, such as Petersen Automotive Museum, Craft Contemporary, and Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, all spread around a conjoining park.

You can easily witness as many art forms as you want in just one day.

A Visit To The Broad

If visiting traditional museums is an activity that does not interest you, you should put Broad on your to-do list.

This immersive art is the work of Yayoi Kusama, who has created multiple rooms with distinct designs, the most popular being the infinity mirror room. The room is designed to make you feel like you are surrounded by the stars or L.E.D. light, with the colors changing according to your movements.

Broad also holds post-war art collections, which are terrifying yet mesmerizing to look at. They illustrate the ruins, remains, and remnants of war and people.

Relive Your Disney Childhood

We all remember being glued to the T.V. all day long to watch Disney shows. The movies that are about princes, T.V. shows about friendships in high school, and the many adventures that our favorite characters went on.

You can meet these characters and relive your childhood with Disney by visiting Disney World. The theme park is full of thrilling rides, themed conventions, and individuals in costumes you can enjoy. From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Avengers Campus to even Rapunzel, you will be able to experience it all.

The park is also full of fantastic food and other attractions that can keep the parents occupied. However, we can guarantee the parents will enjoy just as much by letting their inner kid fulfill their dreams.

Point Dume

LA has a mountainous area where you can hike, bike, or drive to witness the beauty of nature firsthand. Point Dume has Malibu mountains on one end and the Pacific coast on the other. But deep within the mountains, you will find Point Dume.

A dirt road will lead you to where tall trees are paving the path. It feels as if you are walking through a rainforest. However, if you stay on the main road, you can bike along the Pacific coast and enjoy the serenity of the views.

Huntington Library

Huntington Library is a one-stop for all avid readers, individuals interested in culture, and plant lovers. The library holds a section filled with books from all decades to the brim. In addition, another area of the building contains the history of culture, the remnants of it, and the knowledge of the societies that once were.

Lastly, the Botanical gardens are filled with unique species of plants. They are similar to the Japanese Gardens and can be visited to enjoy a picnic or to spend some downtime with yourself.

The most significant benefit of this multipurpose location is that you can borrow a book from the library and stroll through the garden all at once.

Visit A Beach

LA is famous for its beaches, so it’ll be a waste not to have visited one. However, if you are looking to relax for a while, enjoy a book, or lay under the sun, we would suggest Malibu beach.

Malibu is such a peaceful place with picturesque views. It is ideal for watching sunsets or spending the night walking along the ocean there.

However, if you want an enjoyable activity, visit Venice beach. The location is upgraded with skating rinks, outdoor gyms, and great food stalls. If you enjoy people-watching, the beach is busy during tourist seasons and is ideal for families to visit.

Rodeo Drive

Every trip ends with a shopping spree with bags full of goodies to take home as gifts for loved ones or yourself.

Rodeo Drive is a European-style walkway filled with all the designer brands. Any famous name that you can think of is there. Even if the brands are too expensive for your pockets, you can enjoy your Julia Robert moment in Pretty Women. Strolling in style, you can enjoy the rich feel of the place.

If you plan on shopping, these stores hold some of the most unique and limited edition items, helping you dress one of a kind.


L.A. is a costly city as the hub of entertainment, art, and culture. Therefore, you will need a considerable budget to enjoy many of these experiences.

So, save up by finding the best flights of Cathay Pacific at economical rates but with the same great experience.